Regulatory Compliance & Risk Advisory for Financial Institutions

Designed with your core business in mind, our regulatory compliance and risk solutions won’t slow you down.

In today’s regulatory environment, financial institutions are challenged by frequently evolving rules, heightened standards, and the need to wed sound compliance functions with savvy business execution.

When it comes to meeting financial regulations and generating efficiencies, complex technology and operational change is vital.

Every bank’s challenges are unique, some solved through technology and others through process redesign. We don’t implement cookie cutter solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams leverage the latest technology and progressive principles of process improvement and organizational design to meet the needs of your organization.

We understand that for rules and regulations to be addressed effectively, a bank’s program must be tightly integrated with its core business. We don’t just bring regulatory advisory expertise. We also know what it takes to run a front-line business. We work across external regulatory bodies and internal auditors to create sound compliance and risk programs, complete with policies, procedures, and standards that enable your business. So you can achieve your goals—smoothly and quickly.

That’s where we can help.

Results You Can Expect 

  • Successful remediation of exam and audit findings including: Supervisory Consideration, Cease and Desist, Matter Requiring Attention (MRA’s)
  • Increased efficiency through more valuable use of people resources and less time spent on manual functions that increase risk of error
  • Decreased operational risk through improved processes, policies, and procedures
  • Reduced overall cost via apt technology integrations with improved process design
  • Better reporting via new technology and improved data integrity
  • Improved internal and external reporting, including governing body reporting, via new technology and improved data integrity
  • Optimized team structure and program design

What We Offer


As regulations continue to evolve, the need to continuously improve and strengthen BSA/AML programs remains paramount. Our BSA/AML assessment analyzes your current use of technology and processes, compares them to industry best practices, and highlights key program gaps and opportunities for improvement. Our approach encompasses onboarding, transaction monitoring, screening, and ongoing monitoring of customer data. We work with our clients to recommend opportunities to gain efficiencies via technology integration and optimal target operating model and org structure. So you can build a roadmap for optimal program design—in just six weeks.

Transaction monitoring

We partner with banks to assess issues and sources of inefficiency in your current environment, and design optimal future transaction monitoring capabilities, employing technology as much as possible to yield greater efficiency. We work with banks from start to finish--from the vendor selection process to designing future state environments, integrating new technology, and implementing necessary change management components required for successful adoption of a new transaction monitoring (TM) system. Our approach helps reduce false positives and manual activity—thereby increasing staff capacity to focus on areas of greatest risk.

Dual risk rating

We help you implement a sound, effective dual risk rating (DRR) process that drives an array of business benefits—from efficiency to more accurate reserve calculations. Our approach to DRR includes the following critical components:

  • Sound process design that leverages banking capabilities like auto-decisioning and risk-based pricing, and the integration of automation to improve efficiency
  • The development of a risk rating methodology including grades, scales, definitions, and scorecards—all tailored to your business
  • Design and development of future technical infrastructure, including modeling capabilities, the risk rating platform, reporting, and integration
  • A customized organizational change management strategy and policy and procedure impact assessment

Beyond compliance, a sound, efficient DRR process can strengthen underwriting and enhance risk management, all while enabling more accurate calculation of all reserves. This can potentially open up resources for revenue-generating investments.

Risk assessments

We partner with banks to complete risk assessments across functions. We perform necessary analyses to identify inherent risk, controls, and residual risk to confirm that you’re operating within the bank’s risk tolerance. Our approach considers the most recent financial regulation shifts and how anticipated changes may impact your current program. Our multidisciplinary team works to deliver updated risk assessments, upgraded control libraries, and enhanced risk models. Where possible, we integrate data forecast trending risks to enhance your risk assessment.

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