Platform & Product Innovation for Software

To meet growth and financial goals, you will need to deliver a market-leading product – even as everything is changing around you. That’s where we come in.

The high-tech and software sector is moving forward at a pace faster than any other industry. When the pressure is on to deliver on growth goals, market leaders look to West Monroe.

Our platform and product innovation offering produces winning strategies for current and new customer segments. How? Our multidisciplinary teams bring strong industry experience, deep technology acumen, and expertise in creating products and experiences that customers love. It’s a combination that has created value, time and time again. 

Our partnerships with more than 150 software, hardware, and tech-led services businesses and 65 leading private equity firms have enabled better, faster product evolution. And that leads to growth, profitability, and a competitive edge.

Results You Can Expect

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increase customer acquisition, win rates, and share of wallet
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Accelerate product innovation and realize value faster
  • Optimize operating costs
  • Increase growth rate
  • Integrate acquisitions easier
Accelerate growth with Intellio™


West Monroe’s Platform and Product Innovation for Software offering is powered by Intellio™ Predict. With Intellio™ Predict, we model your software’s market opportunities and take the guesswork out of which customer streams are the most valuable to driving revenue and growth. So you can do less analyzing and grow sooner—and faster.  

Learn more about West Monroe's Intellio™ suite of assets that deliver results, faster. 

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What We Offer

Define your opportunities

We start by producing comprehensive insight about your market and current capabilities so that you can make informed decisions about where to focus.

Leveraging deep industry and technology expertise – including perspective gained from performing more than 200 commercial software assessments per year – we look at your potential through four lenses:

  • Market opportunity – we size strategic opportunities to pursue current segments
  • Customer/product fit – we identify the product and organizational capabilities you will need to capitalize on new segments?
  • Technology capabilities – our team of software engineers, cloud and infrastructure architects, data analytics and AI/ML experts, and product delivery specialists provides technical architecture recommendations
  • Operational alignment – we determine how best to transition your operating model, customer base, and partner ecosystem with future platform strategy 

Design a sound, competitive, profitable strategy

How will you position your product for success? Using the insight from our assessment, we work with your teams to build consensus around a future product strategy for your targeted markets. Our strategy design approach outlines:

  • The platform on which the product runs 
  • Technology architecture
  • Implications for your operating model, such as organization design
  • Projected revenue growth
  • Investments required
  • Customer migration strategy and planning
  • Cost/margin profile that considers the five main cost drivers: R&D labor, architecture, cloud process, infrastructure, and service delivery

Prepare for successful transition 

A strategy is only as good as the value it ultimately delivers. So, we help you move quickly to effective execution, with support for areas such as:

  • Detailed financial planning 
  • Customer migration planning, analysis of complexity, risks, and considerations
  • Comprehensive planning and road maps for execution and technology architecture
  • Organization design and change management 

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