Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Hospitals and health systems have a clear incentive—and momentum—to improve digital supply chain management. Here’s how.

The pandemic put the spotlight squarely on the healthcare supply chain. Shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) hampered providers’ ability to keep patients and front-line workers safe – underscoring the importance of visibility into and control of the supply chain. That’s where we come in.  

Our undeniably different approach uses data, analytics, and technology to manage and optimize the health system supply chain. With a multidisciplinary team that includes digital supply chain management expertise, deep knowledge of health system operations, technology acumen, and change management skills, we are ready to deliver a measurable impact – from the balance sheet all the way to quality of care. 

Results You Can Expect

  • 6% - 12% in recurring inventory savings from direct/bulk purchasing
  • 15% - 20% initial inventory savings by optimizing carry cost
  • 8% - 10% recurring savings in perioperative spend from case optimization and waste reduction
  • Positive return on your investment in just 12-18 months
  • Better visibility into inventory
  • Fewer supply chain disruptions 

What We Offer

Fine-tune sales and operations planning/inventory management

Improvement begins with knowing where you stand today. We’ll assess current practices with an eye toward inventory optimization – and then design strategies for delivering on digital supply chain management opportunities through people, processes, technology, and data. Our strategic partnerships with inventory management vendors can provide additional value through access to best practices and faster implementation.

Optimize your distribution network

A recent shift toward insourcing/onshoring  provides a fresh chance for hospitals and health systems to take control of their supply chain. We take a thorough look at current distribution operations and help you evaluate new strategies, such as clinically integrated hospital supply chain operations, in-hospital pharmacy operations, or a self-managed consolidated service center (CSC) that puts you in control of your own destiny.

Today, more than 70 health systems, large and small, are using CSCs, with top performers seeing up to 65% reductions in supply chain expenditures.

We can also recommend the optimal location(s) for warehouses through advanced scenario modeling, providing the most cost-effective solution based on demand and decreasing the time from order to receipt of crucial supplies.

Boost efficiency across your digital supply chain

Most hospitals and health systems have significant opportunities to streamline supply chain operations and reduce costs. We use your data to map supply chain processes to identify improvement opportunities. We also model the costs, benefits, and implications of potential supply chain operations strategies, providing a data-driven case for change.

Improve insight and decision-making

Your supply chain data holds the key to better performance for the digital future. We’ll help you unlock its value by enabling your leaders to make data-driven decisions. Whether you’re looking to harmonize data across systems, deploy new planning tools, or unlock the power of analytics and AI, we can help. That includes a robust inventory management tool that shows the cost per item and helps hospitals understand the cost per case in the operating room to deliver the best quality of care while managing resources effectively.

Modernize the digital technology that powers your supply chain

We understand the evolving digital and technology landscape – from next-generation supply chain and enterprise resource planning systems to the latest automation and analytics capabilities. We’ll use that knowledge to help you pinpoint the right investments, create a road map for long-term transformation, and make sure that all key systems and technologies work together seamlessly to deliver the most value. 

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