Front-Office Optimization for Manufacturers

Manufacturers with connected, insights-driven front office operations perform better. We’ll find your best opportunities—and turn them into tangible value.

Being digital can unlock transformational results. But our research finds that manufacturers aren’t digitizing their operating model as rapidly as other industries. Digital is particularly important in customer-facing operations because customers increasingly expect to have real-time, automated, and personalized experiences.

What will it take to optimize your front office for the digital era?  We’re prepared to pinpoint improvement opportunities across your marketing, sales, and service functions by exploring three questions: 

  • What drives business value? 
  • Which technology, skills, and processes are necessary to achieve that growth? 
  • How should you employ these capabilities to accelerate the benefits? 

Our multidisciplinary expertise teams turn your opportunities into tangible business results.  

Our undeniably different approach is based on a belief that digital isn’t a destination—it is a never-ending process, tackled iteratively to deliver quick wins. That means you can move faster to become an insights-driven front office that understands customers’ wants and needs—all with the tech and data-forward skills to reach those customers more effectively than your competitors. And it means you’ll see the benefits, sooner. 

Results You Can Expect 

  • Establish an insights-driven capability and culture 
  • Respond faster to evolving customer expectations and market pressures 
  • Increase productivity with better planning, resource management, and cost reduction 
  • Strengthen customer loyalty by integrating digital and in-person experiences 
  • Accelerate revenue growth and increase market share 

What We Offer 

Uncover opportunities in your customer-facing operations

Driving profitable revenue growth involves multiple factors and functions. We consider them all as we assess profitability and growth potential across your customer base, products and services, and channels. We’ll examine your sales funnel, conduct segmentation exercises, and assess your marketing/sales/service enablement, digital sales, and data and analytics capabilities. 

Our established capabilities allow us to take a deep dive—rapidly. Our multidisciplinary teams comprised of customer experience and manufacturing industry experts leverage proven methodologies that quickly produce results. Our commercial analytics expertise can be extended through our proprietary West Monroe Intellio™ Insights tool to capture activity data and model the impact of various technology and process initiatives on your operations, using rich benchmarking insights. 

Transform and optimize your front office 

We’ll work with you to build a qualified, quantified roadmap to develop an insights-driven, digital front-office strategy. This may include system specification and implementation, digital transformation, and tool development. Adopting new tech is just one part of becoming a digital business—that's why we also bring experts in organizational change management, process optimization, and business strategy. 
Specifically, we’ll work with you to break down functional silos and build cohesive capabilities that guide your go-to-market strategy, revenue planning and generation processes, and customer engagement and service. You can then proactively design, manage, and track customer experience—leading to more sales, stronger loyalty, and profitable growth. 

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