Enterprise Architecture Framework for Dental Plans

Modernizing operations may be a long-term prospect, but it requires decisive planning today. We can help.

Differentiate from competitors and gain consensus about your dental plan’s direction.

Facing evolving competition and the ever-present risk of convergence with health plans, dental and ancillary plans must make bold decisions about future strategy – and equally decisive choices about the new technology-enabled capabilities that will bring the strategy to fruition.  

How can you be sure you deliver what the business needs? Answering that question is our specialty. 

Our undeniably different approach engages executives in exploring organizational challenges and defining the capabilities that will set your organization apart in the future. Through a comprehensive and proven set of exercises, we help achieve critical consensus about the business architecture required to sustain and grow your business and differentiate it from competitors. We call this approach “business architecture blueprinting.”  

Just like a blueprint for a house, it provides clear direction for the teams charged with executing essential new business architecture and capabilities. More importantly, with a blueprint in hand, you’ll be a step closer to realizing tangible results. 

Results You Can Expect 

  • 60% - 70% improvement in realizing business value from IT projects 
  • 30% - 40% of IT budget reallocated to strategic investments 
  • 7% - 10% increase in revenue 
  • 15% - 25% reduction in operating costs 
  • 20% - 25% reduction in system support and maintenance costs 
  • 20% - 30% improvement in service levels

What We Offer 

Make sure everyone is on the same page 

One of the biggest challenges to enterprise architecture modernization comes at the very start – getting diverse stakeholders to agree on scope and direction. We bring the tools and experience to guide discussions and gain consensus around a blueprint charter. 

Understand your baseline 

Guided by our Blueprinting Playbook, we take a rapid but deep dive into your current operations – reviewing documentation, conducting interviews, analyzing business processes and technology, and mapping your member journey to understand primary “touchpoints” as well as strengths and opportunities. We also examine key business systems and the business capabilities they support.

Define the future 

A clear picture of where you stand today helps reveal business capabilities and architecture you will need to build in the future in order to achieve strategic aspirations and business goals. We’ll facilitate that discussion – using techniques such as competitor analysis to define positioning, heat mapping to highlight best opportunities, and gap analysis to understand what is preventing you from meeting future business and member needs.

Map the road for getting there 

Tapping our vast implementation experience, we will help you put together a credible and realistic plan for reaching your future business model. This includes a high-level business case, along with a prioritized and sequenced list of the business and technology initiatives, with estimated costs and timeline. 

Make a smooth transition from planning to implementation 

It is critical to carry the planning momentum forward into implementation. That’s why we make this transition a formal part of our approach. We will facilitate transfer of knowledge and planning deliverables from the blueprinting team to the business and technology teams responsible for implementing the blueprint.

Maintain your focus for the long haul 

While your business blueprint is designed for the long term, it is a living document that must remain relevant to and consistent with long-term strategies. Our Blueprinting Playbook includes an annual review and maintenance approach, complete with some simple tools for tracking improvement. 

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