Engaging Health Plan Members Around Job Loss

Drive retention and loyalty by being there for your members – with empathy and commitment – in their moment of need

A study by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis projects that 47 million Americans lose their jobs by the end of Q2 2020, sending the unemployment rate to 32%. The risks for health plans are significant – from revenue loss in employer-sponsored premiums to increased COBRA administration costs.  

Health plans that engage members dealing with job loss in an empathetic, personalized, and coordinated fashion from day one – in stark contrast to cold and complicated COBRA letters – stand to mitigate these challenges. Being there for people in this moment of need earns loyalty, and that can translate to greater revenue and market share down the road. 

We’ve got your health plan covered. Our team brings all the necessary elements to being proactive during this uncertain time: Deep expertise in health plans. Sought-after skills in digital, customer experience, and processes. And an undeniably different approach designed to drive tangible results.   

Results You Can Expect 

  • Minimize revenue loss due to unpaid premiums 
  • Engage members and win their loyalty 
  • Maintain or increase revenue 
  • Anticipate and counteract increases in administration activity through more efficient, digital processes 

What We Offer

A compelling vision

Consider your members at every step of the journey. Iteration Zero is our unique approach for designing and unlocking a new experience in a collaborative way, using human-centered methods. We engage both your subject matter experts and our digital product specialists in iterative “sprints” that quickly address key issues and accelerate creation of new capabilities. We’ll also help you chart a road map for achieving them. 

A campaign that engages members

Engage members repeatedly, and at key points where the job loss journey and insurance intersect. We help you establish an outreach plan that employs various channels and a tone relevant to the emotions of job loss. This starts on day one, with a revamped COBRA letter that provides clear information about benefits and options, in a way that projects empathy for the situation. Campaign elements can range from educational content – for example, explaining the risks of being uninsured – to specialized call center training that prepares representatives to empathize with members facing job loss.  

Digital experiences

Stand out in an increasingly remote and digital world. We work with you to build digital experiences tailored to members’ needs. These can take many forms – for example, a microsite or resource center that aggregates educational content for making informed decisions, videos, personalized interactions, or tools such as self-assessments. And we produce customizable educational content on topics such as networking or creating a resume, taught by wellbeing leaders with consumer appeal.  

An omni-channel approach

Most of all, make things easy for members. We analyze your communication channels for redundancy, inefficiency, and cost. We’ll help you make appropriate improvements, such as updated call center and agent scripts or new portal content, and rapidly integrate new digital capabilities with existing sales/service channels and offline experiences.

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