Digital & Patient Experience

You aren’t just competing with other health systems—you’re also competing with patients’ favorite digital-first experiences. How does yours compare?

Today’s empowered consumers call the shots and increasingly make choices based on experience—and healthcare is no different. Patients don’t want to wait. They expect rapid access and information, and they have strong preferences about the channels through which they interact. That’s where we come in. 

Our insights into the industry, the person, and the technology allow us to design and create intentional experiences that patients and those who serve them both love. 

Our undeniably different approach employs principles of human-centered design and rapid, iterative experimentation to develop and continuously refine experiences. We augment that with tools proven to accelerate value, such as our benchmarks for patient access centers. We can support you from concept exploration to deployment—and every step in between.

The result is experiences that are prompt, informative, consistent, authentic, and personal—for example, facilitating:

  • Online scheduling, available 24/7 
  • Digital healthcare interactions 
  • Timely reminders and interventions through smart phones 
  • On-demand transportation coordination 
  • Visibility into wait times at alternative urgent care facilities 
  • Virtual triage to choose the right level of care 
  • Personalized navigation of a new medical condition (e.g., pregnancy, diabetes, cancer)
  • Help with managing care at home after discharge from the hospital 

We know you juggle many capital and clinical priorities. But we also know that winning organizations can simultaneously increase patient experience and decrease costs. So we’ll find areas of synergy—like provider template optimization or technology infrastructure rationalization—as we help integrate your digital and analog processes. We’ll also help you consolidate efforts to drive greater benefits, faster.

Results You Can Expect 

  • Increase patient acquisition, engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • Grow revenue faster
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Lower operational costs due to increased digital activity
  • Boost employee satisfaction and productivity 

What We Offer 

Give patients easy access to services 

Health systems need a simple and clear gateway to their services—in other words, a digital front door. We design intuitive, seamless points of access that make it easy for your patients to interact, whether they’re booking an appointment or paying a bill. We don’t just digitize current processes; we bring proven best practices – such as preventing scheduling and registration issues that can lead to insurance denials. And more, we come with a mindset that effective digital solutions can also be operationally efficient. Our clients often see consumer service improvements, at a lower cost.

Deliver consistent, omnichannel experiences 

Today’s healthcare consumers want to interact through familiar and preferred channels and increasingly use self-service tools to take action at their convenience. We make it easy for them to connect and manage their healthcare via online and digital capabilities that blend seamlessly with in-person experiences. We start by understanding the patient journey every step of the way. We then design effective new interactions—for example, facilitating telehealth consultations—developing and testing new capabilities in rapid sprints to bring omnichannel experiences to patients faster.

Elevate experience with a high-performance contact center

Your contact center is at the core of both experience and efficiency—so we make sure it’s primed to deliver both. We pinpoint trouble spots and then redesign work and capabilities to deliver a better experience for everyone. That could mean new technologies and processes that enable cost-effective self-service. Or an updated organizational design and staffing strategy optimized for omnichannel operations, with organizational change management expertise to guide both contact center employees and clinical administrative staff through the transition to new ways of working. Our clients see tangible gains in contact center performance metrics such as response time, hold time, first contact resolution, and agent utilization.

Accelerate digital modernization

Adopting digital and cloud technologies requires big changes in how you get things done. But meaningful change doesn’t always translate to a big cost or effort. We make businesses digital, and we can help clients realize tangible impact sooner by delivering improvements in fast, iterative bursts. Think of it like a heart bypass rather than a heart transplant.  

Our team will help you use digital capabilities to integrate functions and systems and align your business processes with patient experience goals. Together, we can explore ways to bring patient, clinical, operational, and financial data together and use advanced analytics to improve both workflow and interactions. And we can help you build your own digital development capabilities—so you can keep the momentum going.

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