Digital Member Engagement for Health Plans

Leading companies deliver the right messages to customers at the right time and through the right channels—and they do so at a lower cost. Now you can, too.

Health plan members expect the same easy, digital experience that they receive in other daily interactions. Leading companies meet those expectations because they’ve created deliberate omnichannel communication strategies – supported by strong leadership, well-coordinated processes, and modern technology capabilities. 

Many health plans, however, are still trying to catch up. We’re ready to change that. 

We bring a distinct point of view to health plan remote communications strategies, based on our experience leading communication modernization for health plans of all sizes. Our approach rests on simple but fundamental principles: Notably, this is a journey of steps—not a project—and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in health plans, technology, and omnichannel communication is purpose-built for this challenge—armed with the tools and experience for creating the right strategy and capabilities for your organization and members. 

It’s an undeniably different approach that can accelerate your path to value and deliver long-term benefits that far exceed the short-term costs. 

Results You Can Expect

  • 2:1 savings to investment ratio
  • Reduce vendor, IT, and administrative costs
  • Increase member usage of lower-cost digital communication channels
  • Improve message consistency and member experience
  • Retain members and build your brand reputation
  • Minimize compliance risks

What We Offer

Determine where your communication strategies stand today

You can’t modernize with a purpose unless you have a clear picture of the present. We know where to look. Our team comes prepared with tools to hold productive working sessions and interviews with business leaders, inventory and analyze communications for efficiency and effectiveness, and assess your core technology and data management capabilities. Our assessment surfaces process, technology, and organizational issues and provides concrete input into a strategy for modernizing remote communications.

Define the omnichannel communication strategy that meets your members where they are

An effective communication strategy flows from the needs and expectations of your members. We use techniques such as personas and journey mapping to “empathize” with your members and learn how to best meet their expectations. 

We’ll use this input to develop a customized omnichannel communication strategy – built on five core capabilities that, together, create a meaningful digital member experience:

  • Campaign automation
  • Correspondence profile
  • Automated/targeted messaging
  • Correspondence and content management
  • Analytics 

Finally, because this is about creating value, we’ll work with you to prepare a financial model, grounded in data, that illustrates the business benefits—from cost savings to member retention and more. 

Modernize your omnichannel communication architecture

The core capabilities of an omnichannel strategy require the right business and technology architecture. With an approach grounded in using technology to unlock business value, we will help you determine the right architecture for your organization based on member needs, business functions, and existing technology—whether that is a multi-channel marketing hub with all necessary capabilities above or a hybrid solution using the best platform for each specific capability. 

Because change takes time, we will create a long-term plan to move your organization from today’s systems and data sources to architecture that unlocks the full value of omnichannel communication. 

Prepare your organization for success

Modern, omnichannel communication isn’t just about technology. In fact, processes and organizational factors will have as much bearing on success as the tools you use to communicate. Our communication and organizational change management specialists have done this many times and will help you put all of the right pieces in place: 

  • Executive sponsorship that drives support across marketing, business, and IT functions
  • A strategic team structure with cross-functional representation
  • A governing body to oversee communication
  • Efficient processes and administrative activities

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