Customer Service, Engagement, & Success

Enable employees to attract, retain, and engage customers across all channels, building success and creating financial value

Customers today want easy, intuitive ways to connect with organizations—at the time that suits them, and through the channels they prefer. To differentiate your brand through experiences, it’s vital that your employees have the tools and insights they need to facilitate extraordinary customer experiences.

That's where we can help.

We specialize in equipping teams that influence the customer journey with strong operational structures, top-down support, and connected technology systems so that they can focus on creating personalized, engaging, and value-based experiences—for every customer, every time. When your internal stakeholders are enabled to deliver exceptional customer experiences, your CX efforts become a key differentiator in creating competitive advantage and driving ROI.

Our human-centered approach puts a focus on:

  • Accelerating top-line revenue growth
  • Boosting profitability
  • Driving productivity
  • Increasing loyalty
  • Producing the insights necessary to enable customer loyalty and success long-term

Results You Can Expect

  • Increased cross-sell and upsell, driving additional revenue
  • Improved customer, employee, and partner engagement
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved long-term customer success and loyalty
  • Decreased cost-to-serve
  • Improved operating margins

What We Offer

Optimized customer service operations

We ensure you have the tools you need to build a mature, profit-driving contact center—a vital component of a successful customer experience. Get to peak performance through measurement and benchmarking, make it easy and intuitive for your agents to connect and communicate, and implement technology to build a more innovative customer service landscape.

Effective sales and marketing enablement

Empower your sales and marketing teams to expand the company’s share of wallet by enabling cross-selling, upselling, and personalized engagement opportunities through technology and data. We can help you improve productivity and optimize your pricing strategy while boosting revenue and margins—for example, streamlined loan origination through our extensive nCino expertise or effective quoting and billing capabilities via the Salesforce platform. We’ll also equip your team with digital tools to design new subscription offers that integrate support, training, and success.

Customer success at scale

Customer success means ensuring that your current customers are getting their expected value from the services you’re providing. We can help you measure customer health as well as experience, develop approaches for optimizing retention and average annual revenue, and then transform your operating model to deliver customer success at scale.

Capabilities for acting on the voice of your customer/employee/partner

Today’s voice of the customer/employee/partner (VoC/VoE/VoP) programs and related capabilities can generate a wealth of data and insight about activities, preferences, and needs. However, this data is only as valuable as your ability to convert it to positive product, service, and operational changes that improve customer or employee experience. This is where many VoC/VoE/VoP programs stall. Using a human-centered approach and an expertise in technologies like Medallia, InMoment, or Gainsight, we make sure yours don’t.

Solutions that employ the full power of Salesforce

Salesforce is more than a technology platform. When used correctly, it’s a powerful tool that connects customers, employees, partners, and field service teams, creating seamless and easy interactions —whether filing an insurance claim, applying for a loan, requesting an invoice, or accessing information during a service call. As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, we know how to turn Salesforce solutions into strategic assets.

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