Customer Loyalty & Engagement for Financial Institutions

Standing out in a complex market is increasingly tough. We create simple, intuitive experiences that help financial institutions win the battle for customer loyalty.

New technology, savvy consumers, and direct rewards offerings are making it difficult for some financial institutions to compete. In this new world, points-based rewards programs aren't enough to engage customers. Today's customer expects financial institutions to know them and understand their financial goals. Those that can demonstrate this partnership and value to their customers will win. 

We take an undeniably different approach to building customer engagement and loyalty with financial institutions. Our team combines extensive financial services expertise with vast experience in customer experience, operations, and technology. That’s how we are able to help financial institutions realize undeniable results.

Results You Can Expect

  • Enhanced customer engagement, retention, spend, and loyalty
  • Memorable and distinctive experiences and offerings
  • A differentiated offering amidst a crowded and complex marketplace
  • Reduced acquisition costs

What We Offer 

Digital customer engagement

Make sure you’re offering more than just the “table stakes” for today’s loyalty programs. Digital is essential to engaging card customers, but in a market where digital capabilities are evolving virtually by the day, are you doing enough to differentiate? Our digital product studio creates advanced digital experiences that enable you to compete effectively with digital leaders and innovators. We can also help you harness your customer data more effectively to increase customer engagement.

Customer engagement strategy

Understand whether your customer experience is a source of advantage and differentiation – or how it could become one. We employ proven methods, such as journey mapping and customer personas, to assess current customer experience and design new experiences that improve program efficiency and impact.

Value proposition development and optimization

Ground your program in a compelling customer value proposition. Whether you are a bank moving to self-issuance as a way to strengthen customer engagement or an established credit card offer or seeking to optimize your market position, we have the tools to help differentiate your institution.

Loyalty program strategy and design

Design and build an efficient loyalty program and strategy. We employ industry best practices and extensive experience with payments strategy and program design to design programs that balance the opposing forces of loyalty. In particular, we work with you to rethink loyalty and create new ideas—including benefits beyond rewards and capabilities for delivering personalized experiences—that suit your unique market and goals and drive more value for your business. But our approach isn’t just about efficiency. It’s also about innovation and differentiation.

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