Cost Containment for Health Payers

Digital automation and process redesign can drive efficiencies and reduce costs. We make sure it does.

Technology has the potential to make a significant difference to health plan’s bottom lines. Yet lack of automation—manual workarounds, cost-intensive processes (mail, fax, etc.), and un-scalable, outdated technology—continues to slow down progress. Administrative costs are soaring. And combined with medical cost increases stemming from factors like the aging population, prevalence of chronic conditions, and trends in utilization, it’s clear: For health plans, the pressure is on.

Upending operational models and navigating complexities (both current and future state) to devise healthcare cost containment plans is no easy task. It requires expertise in leading enterprise-wide approaches to experience design, business, and technology structure—and the organizational change management skills to ensure progress sticks. That’s where we can help.

Our tailored approach brings together people, process, and technology to uncover opportunities that drive productivity and cost containment in healthcare. The result? A clear path forward for transformation—all with an eye to driving improved margins.

Results You Can Expect

  • Streamline your operations and improve member engagement with an enterprise technology strategy centered on the member experience
  • Boost efficiency across front, middle, and back office functions
  • Enhance productivity through the reduction in manual workarounds and time-intensive processes, freeing staff for more value-add tasks and initiatives
  • Improve plan utilization and maximize engagement through new technology to support a connected care experience

What We Offer

Marketing & Sales Optimization

Our healthcare consulting services help health plans attract and retain customers via channel and relationship strategy, digital optimization, and experience design, including:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Product configuration and automation
  • Omnichannel customer experience and campaign management

Healthcare Management

Create better care coordination and improve health outcomes at lower cost through:

  • Next-generation utilization management
  • Care management transformation
  • Experience design
  • Value-based alignment

Technology & Digital Transformation

Optimize processes, reduce organizational costs, and drive change throughout your enterprise by improving your technology and digital channels. We can help you with:

  • Technology strategy and architecture
  • Systems integration
  • Enterprise application management
  • Software selection
  • Platform modernization

Service & Operations Optimization

Streamline operations to maximize productivity, reduce cost, and enhance customer experience through:

  • Customer experience design and optimization
  • Operating model design
  • Business architecture planning
  • Portfolio and program management
  • Digital and CRM channel design
  • Value realignment
  • Process redesign and automation

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