December 2021

Make accurate and reliable data-driven decisions with Intellio® DataOps

Use data more effectively to make smarter business decisions with Intellio® DataOps. Here’s how we can help.

Make accurate and reliable data-driven decisions with Intellio® DataOps

Businesses face a challenge unique to our era of data collection—they must distill unprecedented amounts of information and use their findings to make strategic business decisions. Data is the key ingredient in choices that lead to business transformation and growth.

However, using data effectively requires a platform that can ingest, consolidate, and process your data quickly and reliably. Born out of West Monroe’s drive to innovate and accelerate our services, Intellio® DataOps brings data to the fingertips of your analysts and data scientists—cutting out the tedious and error-prone information gathering required to drive valuable decision-making processes.

Intellio® DataOps’ pre-built, integrated architecture provides an enterprise-grade data management and processing solution. This includes a structured approach for data ingestion, consolidation, and distribution—reducing a new project’s implementation time by 50-80% and total cost of ownership (TCO) by 30-60%.

How Intellio® DataOps and West Monroe help you get more from your data

Data is a business’s most valuable asset. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t using their data to its full potential. Many don’t even trust the quality of their data.

West Monroe is experienced in helping businesses ensure their data is high quality and is capable of propelling their business strategy forward. Our process doesn’t confuse teams by adding multiple workflows and tools. Instead, using a consistent methodology, we provide clients with the strategy and tools they need to harness their data. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

Centralize and format: Our process starts with ingesting and parsing data

This means no more mapping staging tables or worrying about changing source systems. Intellio® DataOps fully utilizes popular ELT and data lake technologies to make replicating and organizing raw data simple and painless. Additionally, Intellio® DataOps operates as an on-premise agent which securely uploads data to the cloud without the need for complex networking configurations. And, what if your source system is not one of the 20+ built-in connectors? Our Spark-native SDK allows for unlimited extensibility and integration with open-source libraries, third-party tools, or your own custom connector development in Scala, Python, SQL, or R.

Core benefit: Ingest data quickly from any source system, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Reconcile duplicates: Our system includes a pre-built CDC engine

Choose from one of five distinct change data capture (CDC) strategies to ensure you never miscount a critical business measure or metric. Intellio® DataOps allows data to be loaded in any order, with any amount of overlap, and still maintain integrity between the source, structured data lake, and target.

Core benefit: Guaranteed synchronization of your data between the source and target systems.

Build your data fabric: Customize and configure data with a low-code, SQL-based system

Intellio® DataOps provides a fully automated rule, workflow, and dependency management system—helping organize and execute complex data transformation logic without the need to manually define the order of operations. With all code configured at the column level and each intermediary result saved to the data lake, Intellio® DataOps enables more automation and dramatically reduces regression testing as you move along your data journey.

Core benefit: Data is cleansed, combined, and pre-calculated to simplify consumption by business intelligence and other toolsets.

Publish or export: Easily output data to a target system

Intellio® DataOps supports external integrations that push data to specific target systems, and it provides secure and controlled access into a structured data lake. This data virtualization layer, combined with the structured data lake and rule engine, fully realize the vision of the enterprise data fabric.

Core benefit: An organized network of data that powers business applications, AI, and analytics.

Let us handle the infrastructure

For data to be effective, you need to trust the process that organizes, cleanses, and distributes your data. Intellio® DataOps manages your data in a way that empowers strategic decision-making. The best part is that deployment is flexible. 

Intellio® DataOps is available for deployment on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and into your private cloud account. It leverages Databricks, Snowflake, and over 25 other services native to the cloud provider and is managed by Terraform. Additionally, it has ready-to-deploy data processing options for healthcare and financial services customers that satisfy the industry’s regulatory and audit requirements.

Intellio® DataOps licensing follows a consumption-based model determined by the amount of code stored and the processes generated by this code. It is available to those who engage with West Monroe for consulting services. Don’t let your data stagnate. West Monroe can help you start getting more from your data today. Let’s talk.

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