Oct. 20, 2021 - Oct. 22, 2021 | Event

PEI Operating Partners Global Forum

Join West Monroe at the upcoming PEI Operating Partners Global Forum to discuss and debate the best reset strategies to deliver maximum portfolio growth post-crisis

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

- Friday, October 22, 2021


New York, New York

Private Equity International’s Operating Partners Forum New York is the world’s largest event dedicated to operating partners. The 11th annual event is focused on best practices in private equity portfolio operations and value creation across all functional business areas.

Join West Monroe and the operating partner community to discuss and debate the best reset strategies to deliver maximum portfolio growth post-crisis this October in-person in New York City. West Monroe is looking forward to participating in two great sessions on day one of the forum.

Session 1: How 100-day plans are changing in the current environment and years to come

  • Fast start: coming out strong from day one in onboarding new portfolio companies even in the face of recent uncertainty
  • What’s key for your first 100 days to convert to execution?
  • How to prioritize: identifying the most important value creation areas to focus on
  • Best practices for the first 90–180 days vs. 365+
  • Day 1-100: structured approaches, pragmatic actions, and tools to bring about rapid alignment and focus


  • Sean Adkins, Managing Partner, Mergers and Acquisitions, West Monroe 


  • Brian Chu, Senior Managing Director, Centerbridge Partners
  • Asheesh Gupta, Managing Director, Portfolio Support, Audax Private Equity

Session 2: The return of business travel: discussing approaches and what lies ahead

Join a live panel discussion on the business travel landscape in the era of COVID and easing restrictions. Panelists will discuss the approaches their organizations have taken towards business travel, how this has impacted throughout their investment companies and their perspectives on handling employee duty-of-care implications going forward. Through a leveraged procurement lens, we’ll discuss experiences in working with travel related vendors throughout the pandemic, how travel management companies are weathering the storm and what’s top of mind as managed travel re-emerges in major global markets.


  • Courtney Clayton, Business Development Manager, Global Private Equity, SAP Concur


  • Adam Cummins, Director, Operations, West Monroe
  • Michael Farrell, Executive Vice President of Business Development, World Travel, Inc.
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