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Building a digital customer success platform drives a 75% increase in new customers

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Building a digital customer success platform drives a 75% increase in new customers

Our Impact 

When launching a new digital product, you need more than a satisfactory customer experience—you need an exceptional one.  

For a global leader in healthcare communications, that meant taking a customer-first approach to launching a new SaaS platform to target new customers and capture customer insights. 

From making the most of existing technology to building in analytics to enable faster data-driven decision-making on customer needs, West Monroe’s multidisciplinary team helped the company increase loyalty with existing customers and enable customer success to support a new cloud based product.  


Weeks from concept to customer success analytics


Increase in new customer growth


Customers added to new SaaS platform

The Full Story 

The Challenge 

Healthcare organizations are rapidly becoming digital organizations. Technology helps access better insights in patient care, track physician productivity, and streamline revenue cycle management. And when patient outcomes are on the line, every digital touchpoint and decision matters.  

In this situation, a healthcare communications company wanted to improve its customer experience and better manage customer health metrics across the hospital and health systems they serve. But it’s not enough to assume that “if you build it, they will come.” To accelerate platform adoption, the company established a customer success team focused on driving net retention and improving gross margin. 

The company needed to create a great experience and drive adoption and the right analytics to equip their customer service team with the insight to support them.  
From front-office customer experience, to back-office IT integration, the West Monroe team was ready to deliver.   

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