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Spike in demand for digital platforms leads Blackboard to create 36% faster sales process

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Spike in demand for digital platforms leads Blackboard to create 36% faster sales process
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What We Did

Blackboard Inc. is a leading educational technology company serving higher education, K-12, business, and government clients around the world. The company’s customers are increasingly using digital platforms—and the 2020 pandemic has only accelerated this shift. The issue? Rising demand required a level of responsiveness and efficiency that the company could not support. That’s when Blackboard turned to West Monroe.

We didn’t just help the company transition to the latest technology platform, Salesforce Lightning. We studied processes and pinpointed ways to use new technology to improve them. As we did, we uncovered an even greater opportunity to handle a higher level of demand for digital services.

The effort is already paying dividends, and the impact will grow as Blackboard takes advantage of new tech-enabled features and functions.


less time required to create sales quote


increase billing efficiency for overages in the first two years


increase in quotes per month

The Opportunity

To efficiently serve the education market during the COVID crisis, Blackboard needed to measure customer subscription metrics—including retention rates and churn—using industry-standard definitions. However, its outdated version of Salesforce and incomplete integration of various acquisitions limited its ability to measure what matters today.

To eliminate these barriers, Blackboard asked West Monroe for help. We didn’t act or sound like past consulting partners—and company executives liked that. We don’t just implement technology, we help businesses work differently. 

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